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$1.50 SQ FT Floors Installation! Free delivery over GTA!
Wire-brushed hardwood on sale!

To get wire brushed and etched floors texture, we delicately brush solid wood with steel bristles, that opens the top wood grain. Wire brushing exposes the soft grain from the growth ring, making the feel of wood more stand out to the surface. It’s a little bit rustic, natural texture you can see and feel. At A Plus Flooring, our Wire Brushed hardwood floors are paired with mate finish for maximum visual effect.

Bellagio Wire-brushed

Red Oak Bellagio, Wire Brushed Hardwood – $3.99


Red Oak Cappuccino, Wire Brushed Hardwood – $3.99


Red Oak Coffee, Wire Brushed Hardwood – $3.99


Red Oak Pepper, Wire Brushed Hardwood  – $3.99

Why A Plus Flooring?

  • We are a Canadian manufacturer of solid hardwood flooring
  • Best price on pre-finished up to 8 feet long premium hardwood flooring
  • Bring the sample of wood finish you like and we can mach it! We do custom colors, flooring surface types, gloss or mate finishes
  • Our hardwood selection has smooth, wire-brushed and hand-scraped floorings
  • We are partner and importer of  unique engineered and laminate flooring
  • We provide with warranty on installed hardwood floors
  • We located at biggest improvement centre in Vaughan – Improve Canada

Hardwood Flooring Sale in Vaughan

When time comes to renovation in terms of flooring, you may ask yourself: what is the difference between various kinds of floorings? Why do individuals pick wood over laminate, or prefer bamboo to hardwood? As you can find on the market are as many kinds of floorings out there. In the event that you like unfinished flooring you’ll adore all of the choices with the particular Canadian seller of hardwood floorings and can be taken back for the reason of costly purchase. Wood may be the primary choice that comes to mind in regards to selecting right flooring. However, in addition, you need to consider other variables like you would learn undoubtedly that wood is really simple to care for with only routine cleanings and how simple it’s to take care of wood not and upward to many changes in temperature and humidity levels. When it comes to aesthetics you’ve got lots of options when it comes to finishes as well as hues. Everyone has their very own notion of what floorings should look like for his or her specific living space although bare floors can seem quite cool. So visit the Vaughan floors store for your entire flooring thoughts and do not hesitate to take advantage of it. It’s possible for you to pick from Canadian red oak, pine, hard maple, ash, walnut, white oak from Belarus, acacia, jatoba, tigerwood and a number of other wood families, that could actually make your space uniquely designed.